You are

one thought away

from the life that you

want to live.


and thank you for visiting my page. You have come to the right place. But, before you read any further, I need you to believe these three simple truths.

  1. You are one thought away from the life that you want to live.
  2. The change you want to see comes from within.
  3. You are an infinite soul with endless possibilities.

With these simple truths,I invite you to awaken your inner worrier because you have the capacity to do that. In reality, everyone in this life is born complete and perfect. However, we tend to forget that fact. We forget that we are enough because we are too engaged in our external experiences, beliefs, education and culture. Through occupying ourselves with day to day living, we forget the joy of life itself and we even give up on our dreams. We suffer from the fear, anxiety and depression caused by trying to live the life that people want us to live. We forget that we are the universe and that we have unlimited possibilities and this is where I come in.

What I do is I work with you to help you remember who you really are. I help you realize the infinite possibilities you have to thrive and shine in every area in your life.

 I guide you towards finding peace with yourself and towards stilling your thoughts so that you can find your purpose. I work with you to reach the heights you want to reach whether in your career or your relationships with your partner, family and friends. I'm here to help you gain a deeper understanding of all the ups and downs in your life and to know how to deal with them.

Ultimately I am here to help you feel empowered because being empowered starts from remembering who you really are.

Who am I

I am a self-empowerment coach and a Reiki energy healer who can help you remember your true self and how to turn your life from one state to another. My life has taught me that this is possible.

You see, I was born as an Albino (Albinism in humans is a congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin), and I was raised in Saudi Arabia where I also worked as a graphic designer. I was exposed to different cultures then I moved to Jordan to work as an art director in one of the biggest multinational advertising agencies in the rejoin, but I was not happy.

I always felt that I am less than everyone else although I was a dedicated and hard worker. I always felt that whatever I did was never enough. I was raised to believe that I will never get married unless I find someone who loves me the way I am because I am an albino. So, for the longest time I lived with the thought that I am less than anyone else . Although my dad tried his best to push me too hard to be perfect, I still felt less in every aspect of my life whether it was in my career or in my relationships. In my relationships, I settled for people who I didn't like because in my head I believed that I didn't deserve better than that. ultimately I did not love my self. One day I woke up and looked at the mirror . That is when I saw an unhappy person, it was the first time in my life I decided that I need help, and ever since I took that decision, the doors of life opened for me to help me, because I wanted to change my state. I attracted every tool in this life to help me reach the state that I wanted to have and that is the state of believing that I am enough and that I have unlimited possibilities in life.

From them. I decided to become an energy healer and a life coach so I started taking courses and workshops to enhance my coaching skills. I found out that my journey in this life was a blessing making me who I am now.

understood the feeling of being dis empowered and I transformed it to empowerment. I understood that change start from inside out not the other way around,I started my coaching practice and after that I quit my advertising job, not regretting any decision I took in my life.

Why me?

  • I can relate when you feel disempowered and I can help you search for your ultimate power.
  • I can help you to have self-acceptance and to cultivate a strong state of mind that will help you become who you meant to be.
  • I can help you manage your thoughts and find your passion then set your goals.
  • I can help you to have the courage to take big decisions in your life with no fear
  • I awaken the warrior in you

What I will Not Do

I will never make you feel that you were wrong and that you need to change to become right. I will never say that you need to change your behaviors to become successful, and I will never make you believe that you are less.


Dana Shalabi

writer and communication specialist

Neveen Nabeih Hamarneh
Children book writer and a teacher

Dana has helped me throughout my journey, as she made it possible for me to follow my passion in teaching and writing. We both figured out how to create my own brand out of nothing as I officially has my YouTube channel and Facebook page in order to share and spread my experience to the world especially after overcoming my fears that was built in my mindset and so with Dana's help I am free of my childhood beliefs that were holding me back from fulfilling and reaching my dreams. I DEFINETLY know were am heading now and ready for my coming future to be a famous writer and a leading teacher sharing my knowledge and experience with the whole world.

Ehab Hamarneh

Founder of highest possible expression coaching and community

Zeina Halasa

Never in a million years will I have thought that I will ever take life coaching, mainly because it was never heard of here in Jordan. As my life wasn't going smoothly at that time, I heard about life Coach Danah ElMasri and decided to give here a try, one session want hurt.. But one continued to many more.I just want to say it was life changing from the first session, Danah took me to a journey of self discovery and I found what was holding me back was actually deeper and goes way back to my childhood. Understanding that made me more aware of how my life was affected with all interactions, decisions, experiences I had. I started to live my life with a different better perspective, I know now that my power come from inside me and I can do what I set my mind on doing... Nothing to fear and nothing is impossible.I will recommend that everyone should do at least one Life Coaching session in his/her lifetime, it will change the way you live your life. Hey and do it with Danah Thank you Danah for everything

Osama abbadi

Senior Accountant